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Troodos Mountains Will Help Scientists Explore Mars

Posted by Alexandr Godovnikov on 09/11/2020
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On November 2nd, an international team of planetary scientists and geologists arrived in Cyprus. Scientists want to send a space mission to Mars to measure the exact age of rocks on the red planet. The Troodos Mountains will be the prototype of the landscape.

George Danos, president of the Cyprus Space Research Organization (CSEO), which is involved in the project, said that scientists will test space equipment in the Troodos Mountains, as they have found that the geology of the Cypriot mountain range has much in common with the geology of Mars.

CSEO is taking part in a major international research project on Mars in collaboration with three other European countries as well as the United States. This is a project funded by the European Commission, the goal of which is to send equipment to Mars that will determine the exact age of its rocks.

Cypriot scientists will also take part in the research. “We have already hired a number of scientists and are in the process of looking for new ones. Our scientists will go abroad for several months, where they will be trained and will cooperate with foreign colleagues, ”Danos said.

Troodos Mountains are a small but unique point on the geological map of the world. The mountain range is literally the geological core of the island, from which the rest of it is formed. And this is ophiolite, in other words, the bottom of the ancient ocean. Troodos is considered the most complete and studied ophiolite in the world. It is a fragment of a fully developed oceanic crust composed of various rocks.

Source: https://vkcyprus.com/society/12600-gory-troodosa-pomogut-uchenym-issledovat-mars

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