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Tourists are satisfied with Cyprus

Posted by Alexandr Godovnikov on 27/12/2018
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Most of the tourists who visited Cyprus between June – September 2018, said they were satisfied with their vacation on the island. These were the results of a survey conducted by the Cyprus Tourism Organization (KOT) at the airports of Larnaca and Paphos.

Among the main reasons why tourists vacation in Cyprus are the beautiful seas and sunny weather, as well as a calm atmosphere, beautiful nature, hospitality, Cypriot cuisine and cultural heritage.

The lion’s share of respondents expressed their satisfaction with the holiday in Cyprus, while 62% said they feel “fully satisfied”, giving Cyprus five points out of five. Another 35% rated their holiday at four points out of five. Only 0.2% of respondents gave a score of one or two points to the country.

About 28% said they came to the island because they had been here before or because they were recommended by relatives or friends. Regarding the question whether they themselves recommend Cyprus as a place to visit, 89% answered positively, and among them were 94% British. Another 92% said that they are going to return in the next few years (96% of Russians, 83% of Scandinavians).

More than 95% of tourists stayed in the territory controlled by the Republic of Cyprus, 2.2% preferred to vacation in the occupied territories (most of these among German citizens – 6.7%).

Three quarters of visitors chose licensed hotels or apartments as their residence (in relation to 2017’s 70%). Of these, a quarter lived in hotels on an “all inclusive” basis. It is noteworthy that among them – 41% – were residents of the Scandinavian countries, and least of all – Greeks: only 2%. Approximately 10% of other guests rented villas for recreation, in relation to last years 14.6% last year.

About 85% of respondents named Cyprus first in their list of tourist destinations. The remaining 15% also consider Greece, Spain, Turkey and Italy.

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