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Ninth Cypriot dam overflowed!

Posted by Alexandr Godovnikov on 18/02/2019
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On Monday, February 18, the small dam of Visakia overflowed. This is the ninth reservoir in Cyprus, overflowing this rainy winter. The dams of the island are now 67.6% full (a year ago it was only 21.1%). From the beginning of the hydrological year (October 1, 2018), 167.76 million cubic meters of water came into Cypriot dams, as a result of which the total volume reached 196.47 million cubic meters (the capacity of all dams is 290.4 million). The three largest reservoirs — Kouris, Asprokremmos and Evreto — are filled at 57.3, 88.3 and 76.8 percent, respectively. Rain in the meantime and do not think to end.

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