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Posted by Alexandr Godovnikov on 14/02/2020
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The beach “Bridge of lovers” (Love Bridge) is a very beautiful and one of the most romantic venues in all of Cyprus, a visit to which for newlyweds and couples of lovers has almost become a good tradition (sometimes symbolic wedding ceremonies are also held here).

The bridge of lovers is a rocky arch bridge of natural origin, with an edge of the coastal plateau at one edge extending into the crystal clear, turquoise and emerald-colored sea. The “bridge of lovers” was formed naturally as a result of natural processes, without human intervention. It is believed that if, having kissed standing in the middle of the arch of the bridge, to make a wish, then it will certainly come true. Also, vacationers come here just to admire the beautiful seascape and take pictures. The romantic atmosphere of the Bridge of Lovers becomes especially charming in the setting of the sun.

The bridge is about 6 meters long and about one and a half meters wide. The “marine” edge of the bridge has a wide rocky base – if you want to swim, you can carefully go down to it and swim in the sea. Jumping into the water from the bridge is extremely dangerous; the sea is shallow, and at the bottom, there are many sharp rocks. But if the desire to pick up the thrill remains unsatisfied, then you can jump from the rocks into the water in a less dangerous place for this – off the coast of sea caves (Sea Caves Cavo Greco).

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