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Cyprus ranked 21 in the ranking of the Healthiest Country Index 2019, published yesterday by Bloomberg.

Posted by Alexandr Godovnikov on 25/02/2019
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Agency analysts rated 169 countries on the standard system. Lifetime was taken as a basis, then the result was correlated with penalty points that were added for various health risks, such as the level of obese smokers. The final result was influenced by such factors as the environment, access to clean water, sanitation and hygiene conditions.

The result undoubtedly pleased the Europeans, as in the top ten, there are six European countries in the Bloomberg Healthiest Country Index 2019. The nation – the champion in physical health – the Spaniards. They lead the parade of the healthiest countries, having moved to the top spot from the sixth in 2017.

In addition to Spain and Italy, which has the second place, Iceland is in the first row (3rd place), Switzerland (5), which missed Japan, Sweden (6) and Norway (9) in fourth place. The top ten healthiest nations are also Australians (7), Singaporeans (8) and Israelis (10).

The Spaniards have the highest life expectancy in the European Union and they are inferior according to UN data, only to the Japanese and Swiss.

It is not surprising that, according to the Institute for Measuring Health Indicators and Health Assessment at the University of Washington (IHME), Spain will surpass Japan, Singapore and Switzerland by 2040 and will come out on top in life expectancy, which will come close to 86 years.

Cyprus has 21 places in the ranking, and this is very different!
For comparison: Russia did not hit the first fifty of the healthiest countries at all, and the United States managed to get only to the 35th line of the rating. The republic was helped by a Mediterranean diet in combination with olive oil and nuts, which can significantly reduce the number of cardiovascular diseases.
By the way, the rest of the European Mediterranean countries also occupy high places: France – 12, Portugal – 22, Greece – 26, Malta – 27. Europeans generally dominate the ranking of the healthiest countries on the planet.

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