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Posted by Alexandr Godovnikov on 07/01/2020
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On Monday, January 6, nature staged a real “Foam show” in Cyprus. Moreover, it was simultaneously possible to observe it in different parts of the island: from Episkopi Bay to Paphos. Dozens of people witnessed the rarest and at the same time the most beautiful natural phenomenon under the tasty name “CAPPUCCINO COAST”.

Off the coast of Cyprus, a large amount of foam accumulated, shreds of which were carried away inland by a gale. However, it was he who became the culprit of what was happening. After all, this unusual effect is obtained as a result of a giant mix of sea salt, algae, and objects that have fallen into the water. Under the influence of wind flows, thick foam appears, which rushes to the shores, where it gradually disappears without a trace.

According to scientists, “CAPPUCCINO COAST” is not dangerous for humans, but swimming with so much foam is still not recommended. Environmentalists argue that while such foaming is single in nature, we are not talking about a serious threat. But if such a natural phenomenon begins to have a mass character, then it will be possible to talk about the threat of such a phenomenon to marine flora and fauna.

source https://cyprusbutterfly.com.cy

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